Frequently Asked Questions

Think of this discussion board as you would a public park, and please treat it with courtesy. We serve as a shared resource in the community where people may get together to discuss their interests, skills, and expertise.

These are only tools to support our community’s human judgment; they are not absolute laws. Follow these rules to maintain this as a spotless, well-lit area for respectful public dialogue.

By constantly seeking to enhance the conversation in some manner, however small, you can help us make this a terrific place for debate. If you’re unsure that your contribution contributes to the discussion, consider your options before posting, then try again later.

We care about the subjects covered here, and we want you to act as if you care about them as well. Even if you disagree with part of what is being said, show respect for the subjects being discussed and the individuals who are engaging in them.

Discovering discussions that are already occurring is one method to enrich the conversation. You’ll have a higher chance of finding others who share your interests if you take some time to peruse the topics here before posting or creating your own.

  • Even When You Disagree, Don’t Be Disagreeable
  • Even When You Disagree  It’s alright. Thoughts, not persons, should be criticized, always. To be avoided:
  • Name-calling.
  • Slanderous remarks.
  • Addressing the tone of a post rather than its actual content.
  • Abrupt contradiction.
  • Instead, offer logical refutations that advance the discussion.

Everyone’s mood is affected by the chats we have here. By choosing to participate in discussions that make this forum a fun place to be — and avoiding those that do not — you can help us shape the future of this community.

The community can use Discourse’s capabilities, such as favorites, bookmarks, likes, flags, replies, and changes, to choose the greatest (and worst) contributions. Utilize these tools to enhance both your own and everyone else’s experiences.

Let’s strive to leave the park in better shape than when we arrived.

Moderators are in charge of this forum and have unique authority. And you are, too. Moderators can become more than just janitors or police officers with your assistance.

Don’t react when you observe inappropriate behavior. By acknowledging it, it reinforces the undesirable behavior, drains your energy, and is a time waster for everyone. Simply flag it. If there are enough flags raised, a moderator or an automatic action will be taken.

Moderators reserve the right to delete any post and any user account for any reason at any time in order to preserve our community. The site’s moderators and administrators do not pre-screen new submissions in any way and are not liable for any community-posted information.

Nothing kills a good conversation like being rude:

  • Be polite. Posting something that a fair-minded person would deem offensive, abusive, or hate speech is prohibited.
  • Keep it tidy. Nothing pornographic or explicit should be posted.
  • Honor one another. Don’t bother or harass somebody, appear as someone else, or reveal their personal information.
  • Honor our forum. Don’t spam the forum or act otherwise inappropriately.
  • Avoid even the appearance of any of these terms; these are not specific, defined concepts. If you’re not sure, consider your reaction if the New York Times main page featured your post.
  • Because this is a public forum, search engines index the conversations here. Be sure to use family- and friend-safe language, links, and images.

Anything electronically that belongs to someone else cannot be posted without that person’s consent. You are not permitted to post instructions on how to steal someone else’s intellectual property (software, video, music, or photos), break any other laws, or provide links to such information.

Yes, legalese is tedious, but we must safeguard ourselves against malicious people in order to protect you and your data as well. The actions and rights you (and we) have in relation to material, privacy, and laws are described in our Terms of Service. You must accept our TOS in order to use this service.