Does insurance cover TMS therapy?

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    Bailey CarterBailey Carter

    Many insurance companies will cover TMS therapy for depression if the treatment is deemed medically necessary and company-specific guidelines are observed. Even though an insurance company may pay for a particular procedure like TMS, it’s vital for a potential recipient of these services to check their policy for specifics, including plan limitations. Each insurance company has its own benefits schedule, eligibility requirements, and coverage policies for TMS therapy.

    For TMS therapy to be covered, the criteria required by most insurance companies generally includes the following:

    – A diagnosis of depression
    – Multiple attempts to treat depression with antidepressant medications resulting in no lasting or significant improvement
    – A history of therapy or counseling carried out by licensed professionals
    – No history of seizures or seizure disorder

    All these conditions must be met for insurance to cover TMS therapy.

    Many insurance companies do not yet cover TMS for uses outside of depression treatment. If you’re seeking TMS for conditions other than depression, reach out to your insurance company directly to learn if their policy rules offer reimbursement for treatment.

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